The Beast is down!

By ralspace

The Beast is down!

While the Beast is a rather large truck the tyres were not off-road tyres and already had some use when we got the vehicle. It was supposed to be a short drive down to Antofagsta to get Elie the second member of the main team to arrive, but on the journey one of the tyres on the Beast exploded. Thanks to Sev’s calm and measured response to the situation only the Beast was injured:

On the way down to Antofagasta one of the tyres on the Beast exploded.

The spare tyre got fitted, and in Antofagasta the rental company offered to fit a new set of tyres more suitable for our usage. However this means the Beast will only return to the trials on Monday, until then the team have to use two regular sized trucks.

Source: SAFER Blog

Author: SAFER Blog

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